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Do You Have A Thyroid Problem? This Book Teaches You How to Fix It Naturally.

Learn How to Empower Yourself and Heal Your Thyroid

Are you constantly tired? Do you have trouble losing weight no matter how much you exercise? Do you experience mood swings?

If so, you may have a thyroid condition. From brain fog and poor memory to fertility issues, low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) can negatively affect nearly every cell in your body. Dr. Soszka’s new book, The Thyroid Fix, provides guidance and a way of looking at your health from a holistic perspective.

In this book, he covers important topics that often go overlooked in today’s medical world. First and foremost, he explains how the conventional medical treatment yesgirls cosnama of hypothyroidism leaves too many patients with a whole host of untreated symptoms.

The Thyroid Fix covers the WHY and the HOW of thyroid conditions. It also offers a way forward, pointing out specific lifestyle changes that can alleviate symptoms and sharing practical information that will enhance your health advocacy.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Dr. Soszka explains why it’s vital to correctly diagnose and treat autoimmune thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as early as possible. Chances are, your healthcare practitioner isn’t properly treating this condition. Thyroid medication doesn’t stop the thyroid from being destroyed! Find out why.

Thyroid Hormone Conversion Syndrome

Frequently missed by practitioners because the wrong labs are ordered, thyroid hormone conversion syndrome leaves patients with no energy, poor memory, and unable to lose weight. Even with most thyroid medications! Find out which tests uncover this condition and which therapies help you recover.

Thyroid Hormone Resistance

Learn how high stress, poor digestive health, and inflammation can lead to thyroid hormone resistance, which prevents thyroid hormones from working properly in your cells. Your lab tests may indicate your thyroid is working normally, but your cells are starving for thyroid hormone!

About the Author

Dr. Soszka is a functional medicine and naturopathic physician who, for 23 years, has helped patients with thyroid disorders regain control of their lives. He uses a unique holistic approach that addresses the root cause of thyroid conditions and can treat them successfully. He maintains a busy practice in Portland, Oregon.

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